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2012 National Championship Diary

Posted on January 8, 2013 at 2:25 PM

Well this diary only covers the 1st half, as the game was over then.

Pregame thoughts- I like the use of the word hiney by Pollack and Barrett Jones is the guy on the team that nobody wants to play in Words with Friends.

8:00- Have to make sure to put in a plug for the city of Miami- the most American of cities.

8:09- Wish that Brady HOke could have been the guest coach at the game having played both teams. I bet I can guess who he would rather play again.

8:21- Notre Dame also trails in bowl wins by a lot because they lost 9 in a row.

8:22- Chance Warmack needs to pull his shirt down, this program is rated TV G.

8:29- Did OSU really beat Miami for the 2002 title?

8:30-Kickoff, times will now be given based on the game clock.

1st Quarter

14:50 – ND looked good on the first run of the game.

14:10- Wide open receiver off PA

13:39- 10 yard run up the middle plus a facemask. Bama gets to the ND 30 without any difficulty. Time to see if ND can still dominate in the redzone. And an offsides penalty.

12:03- Alabama 7 – Notre Dame 0. Easy TD run by Lacy. That was about the worst start that Notre Dame could have asked for. Time to start praying.

11:21- Big 3rd down for the Irish. Can’t go 3 and out here.

11:14- ND is getting time to throw and having opportunities by the sideline on what looks like a good catch by Eifert who is a tough matchup for a corner 1 on 1. Can’t believe it wasn’t reviewed.

11:03- Well a bad kick catch interference call keeps the ball with Bama and ND has 35 yards of penalties in 4 minutes.

9:47- 3 & 1 very easy for Alabama on a run between the tackles.

9:14- Another open receiver for Alabama off Play Action, but its not converted.

8:49- Lacy is #2 in the SEC in rushing yards, Number 1?... Johnny Manziel.

6:50- Alabma already over 100 yards.

6:39- Another easy first down on 3rd and 1 up the middle.

6:14- ND is burned on play action once again. Alabma 14-0.

5:10- ND first attempt to run up the middle is stuffed.

4:31- Alabama getting the ball back. 21-0 at the end of the first?

4:22- Brent creeping on the crowd again with McCarron’s girlfriend. Reminds me of Brady Quinn’s sister/ A.J. Hawk’s girlfriend in the Fiesta Bowl in 2006.

3:34- Another big pass for Bama. Maybe we can just watch McCarron’s girlfriend instead of the game.

2:30- ND actually stuffs a run.

0:30- On the bright side, ND beat Cincinnati in basketball.

0:00- I want to go to Monster’s University

2nd Quarter

14:56- 21-0 Alabama, 2nd time the camera has gone to McCarron’s girlfriend. His girlfriend 2 – Notre Dame 0, make it 3-0. And more comments by the announcers.

14:51- Finally a good play for Notre Dame.

14:22- Notre Dame is not going to run well in this game. They couldn’t run against a terrible Purdue defense.

13:20- Well this is headed to be a repeat of the 2004 title game between Oklahoma and USC.

11:48- And Alabama will punt!

10:39- Alabama will not be run on two plays in a row. And Clinton-Dix is one of my favorite names in college football- the only one to cause a presidential impeachment.

8:56- Lacy just broke Motta’s ankles

7:15- McCarron has all the time he wants to throw. I wish this game were Alabama vs. Oregon.

6:52- Notre Dame catches a punt backtracking at the three and is tackled immediately.

4:18- Well this has been a great game.

1:37- How did Notre Dame not bring Yeldon down to force 4th down.

Halftime- Alabama 28, Notre Dame 0. Game Over



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