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            Season Tackles (Since 1975)

111Putt ChoateSMU2531978
211Randy GillSan Jose State2321977
222Mike SingletaryBaylor2321978
441Jim CollinsSyracuse2291979
552Chuck KernNorthwestern2271979
661Kirk HarmonPacific2201981
743Chuck KernNorthwestern2181978
881Chris GainesVanderbilt2141987
911Brian RuffCitadel2131976
1091Mark BrownPurdue2091982
1164Frank BartleyLouisiana2081978
12111Willie PlessKansas2061984
1375Jack LazorKent State2051978
14141Curt McMillanMiami (Oh)2041991
14141Kevin JohnsonBall State2041993
1622Sammy GreenFlorida2021976
1632John SullivanIllinois2021977
1853Michael Jackson*Washington2011977
18172Phil DunnAkron2011992
2011Larry MacekToledo2001975
2033Mike BaldassinWashington2001976
22137Joe NormanIndiana1991978
23161Rick CarusaSan Diego State1981980
23182Tony RomanoSyracuse1981982
23231Omar StoutmireFresno State1981995
2684Jack LazorKent State1971977
27182Robert WilliamsonRice1961980
27221Byron EvansArizona1961986
27261Kevin JohnsonBall State1961994
30158Bill CowherN.C. State1951978
30242Terry MakiAir Force1951986
30251Britt HagerTexas1951988
3354Andy SpivaTennessee1941976
33166Tom Cousineau*Ohio State1941978
35105Freddie SmithAuburn1931977
35189Scot BrantleyFlorida1931978
35312Shad HansenBYU1931991
35351Lawrence FlugenceTexas Tech1932002
39271John OfferdahlWestern Michigan1921983
39343Rocky BiegelBYU1921991
41252Russell HedderlyKent State1911981
41291Willie PlessKansas1911985
41364Steve HenriksenNorthern Illinois1911991
41411Luke KuechlyBoston College1912011
452010Bruce BeekleyOregon1901978
452010Doug WilliamsToledo1901978
45412Jim GantToledo1901993
482212Jim CollinsSyracuse1891978
482212Joe FaraisMiami (Oh)1891978
48312Kyle CliftonTCU1891983
48353Rex Moore*USC1891986
5222Obra ErbyArizona1881975
522414Neal OlkewiczMaryland1881978
52263Mike SingletaryBaylor1881979
52343Willie PlessKansas1881983
52362Byron EvansArizona1881985
52394Chris Spielman*Ohio State1881986
52394Mike JunkinDuke1881986
52402Greg GarnicaBall State1881987
602615Robert WallaceKent State1871978
60294Bob CrableNotre Dame1871979
60413David Rill*Washington1871985
60483Britt HagerTexas1871987
6475Aaron BivinsToledo1861976
64126Ted KlaubeMaryland1861977
64126Putt ChoateSMU1861977
642716Eric MannsWestern Michigan1861978
64315Mike BrookinsCincinnati1861979
64404Calvin ZandersMississippi State1861983
7033Hal BarnettUTEP1851975
70158Jack GlowikMiami (Oh)1851977
70556Greg GarnicaBall State1851986
70591Chris HaeringWest Virginia1851989
70591Eric TippeconnicColorado State1851990
75179Tom FoertschAir Force1841977
75403Jeffrey WarrenEast Carolina1841980
75741Josh BuhlKansas State1842003
78443Robert AbrahamN.C. State1831981
78463Mike GreenOklahoma State1831982
78463Ray ConeColorado1831982
78705Marty MooreKentucky1831991
78771Luke KuechlyBoston College1832010
8344Mark HatgasMiami (Oh)1821975
8344Brian RuffCitadel1821975
831810Fred ArringtonPurdue1821977
83396Robert WallaceKent State1821979
83542John OfferdahlWestern Michigan1821984
83543Tim ColleranMiami (Oh)1821984
892111Aaron CarterFlorida State1811977
9066Aaron BivinsToledo1801975
90585Billy JacksonMississippi State1801983
90734Jeff KremerKentucky1801987
90872Tom WardToledo1802002
942312Frank LewandoskiNorthern Illinois1791977
94484Darrell PattersonTCU1791980
94606Mike DurrahSouth Carolina1791983
94792Reggie StewartMississippi State1791990
94891Chris GizziAir Force1791997
94921Jimmy CottrellNew Mexico State1792005
1002413Gary SpaniKansas State1781977
100637Eric WilsonMaryland1781983
100893Mark ParrisBall State1781992
100941Brian UrlacherNew Mexico1781998
10477Bill ArmstrongWake Forest1771975
10477Rick RazzanoVirginia Tech1771975
104126Scott StudwellIllinois1771976
104515Russell HedderlyKent State1771980
104544Jackie Shipp*Oklahoma1771981
104544Tony RomanoSyracuse1771981
104815Scott HillVirginia Tech1771987
104822David TerryOhio1771988
112157Dave ThompsonNew Mexico1761976
1122814Bill CowherN.C. State1761977
112718Ricky HunleyArizona1761983
1121061Keith AdamsClemson1761999
11699Ray MarshallWest Virginia1751975
116168Lionel JohnsonTexas1751976
1163015Dave CrossenWisconsin1751977
1163015Otis WilsonLouisville1751977
1164617Frank ManumaleunaSan Jose State1751978
1164617Mike ZeleKent State1751978
116774Matt MongerOklahoma State1751984
116916David Rill*Washington1751987
116963Brian HilkAkron1751990
1161011Chuck BulloughMichigan State1751991
1161034Eric BeattyPurdue1751992
1161092Barry GardnerNorthwestern1751998
1161123E.J. HendersonMaryland1752002

*RES = the player's rank at the end of the season

^RTS = the player's rank for that season

* indicates that that player's stat is not official as his school included bowl games prior to 2002 when those games became official statistics. Therefore, his record is approximated by subtracting his per game average for each bowl in which he participated.


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National leaders are updated weekly. Conference and school leaders are updated yearly.

This site has the most comprehensive list of all-time college football individual statistical leaders online. Every stat on this site is based on the NCAA official rules, not the school or conference rules (no bowl games prior to 2002). Defensive stats, not including interceptions, did not become official until 2000. That is why you will see two lists; one is the official one since 2000, the other is more inclusive with the start date based on when most schools began reporting defensive stats.

Some defensive stats are marked with a single asterisk (*). This means that bowl games were included in the statistics reported by the school, therefore, the player's per game average has been subtracted for each bowl game played.

Other defensive stats are marked with two asterisks (**). This means the value is only approximated, based on the statistics that could be found.