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                          Passing Leaders

Career Passing Yards
9892David KlinglerHouston9,4661988-1991
Season Passing Yards
722David KlinglerHouston5,1401990
1811Andre WareHouston4,6991989
104141Jimmy KlinglerHouston3,8181992


Career Passing Touchdowns
2732David KlinglerHouston911988-1991
7441Andre' WareHouston751987-1989
Season Passing Touchdowns
211David KlinglerHouston541990
921Andre' WareHouston461989
105122Jimmy KlinglerHouston321992




                    Total Offense Leaders


Career Total Offense
Season Total Offense
711David KlinglerHouston5,2211990
2171Andre WareHouston4,6611989




                         Rushing Leaders

Career Rushing Yards
1751Darren LewisTexas A&M5,0121987-1990
2281Trevor CobbRice4,9481989-1992
5092Eric DickersonSMU4,4501979-1982
5152Earl CampbellTexas4,4431974-1977
88283James GrayTexas Tech4,0661986-1989
Season Rushing Yards
71202Byron MorrisTexas Tech1,7521993
7451Earl CampbellTexas1,7441977
99232Darren LewisTexas A&M1,6921988
99262Trevor CobbRice1,6921991
101261Darren LewisTexas A&M1,6911990
139254Eric DickersonSMU1,6171982
142313Kenneth DavisTCU1,6111984
226685James GrayTexas Tech1,5091989
Career Rushing Touchdowns
4782Eric DickersonSMU471979-1982
5421Bill BurnettArkansas461968-1970
59173James GrayTexas Tech451986-1989
72221Darren LewisTexas A&M441987-1990
108286Reggie DupardSMU411982-1985
108371Rodney ThomasTexas A&M411991-1994
127142Earl CampbellTexas401974-1977
Season Rushing Touchdowns
39101Byron MorrisTexas Tech221993
104123Ron DayneArkansas191969
104251Eric DickersonSMU191981
15561Jim SwinkTCU181955
155485James GrayTexas Tech181989
155494Darren LewisTexas A&M181990




                             Receiving Leaders

Career Receiving Yards
114175Lloyd HillTexas Tech3,0591990-1993
Season Receiving Yards
1921Manny HazardHouston1,6891989
5661Jason PhillipsHouston1,4441988
154222Marcus GrantHouston1,2621991
156242Lloyd HillTexas Tech1,2611992
Career Receiving Touchdowns
4971Manny HazardHouston311989-1990
143111Emanuel TolbertSMU251976-1979
Season Receiving Touchdowns
411Manny HazardHouston221989
4541Jason PhillipsHouston151988




              All-Purpose Yardage Leaders

Career All-Purpose Yards
Rank REC* RTC^ Name School Yards Years
24 7 1 Trevor Cobb Rice 6,512 1989 - 1992
71 15 1 Chuck Weatherspoon Houston 5,715 1987 - 1990
73 13 2 Eric Metcalf Texas 5,705 1985 - 1988
87 34 5 Michael Perry Rice 5,582 1995 - 1998
136 3 1 Donny Anderson Texas Tech 5,156 1963 - 1965
141 38 4 Darren Lewis Texas A&M 5,138 1987 - 1990
Season All-Purpose Yards
Rank RES* RTS^ Name School Yards Year
38 7 3 Chuck Weatherspoon Houston 2,391 1989
118 2 1 Donny Anderson Texas Tech 2,107 1965
152 26 3 Chuck Weatherspoon Houston 2,038 1990
166 40 3 Andre Davis TCU 2,016 1994



                          Scoring Leaders

Career Scoring
811Roman AndersonHouston4231988-1991
152202James GrayTexas Tech3121986-1989
Season Scoring
78202Manny Hazard Houston1341989
112263Roman AndersonHouston1311989



                     Interception Leaders

Career Interceptions
441Tracy SaulTexas Tech251989-1992
17122Kevin SmithTexas A&M201988-1991
4441Ronald FaraleyTCU181951-1953
44253Russell CarterSMU181980-1983
7611Elmer TarboxTexas Tech171937-1938
7621Noble DossTexas171939-1941
76403John SimmonsSMU171977-1980
114562Vann McElroyBaylor161978-1981
114665Jerry GrayTexas161981-1984
114751Cornelius PriceHouston161988-1989
114762Mike WelchBaylor161986-1990
16292George SimsBaylor151945-1948
16292Paul PageSMU151945-1948
162544Bruce HenleyRice151971-1973
162715Derrick HatchettTexas151977-1980
1621013Falanda NewtonTCU151985-1988
Season Interceptions
431Cornelius PriceHouston121989
1211Elmer TarboxTexas Tech111938
2321Bill SibleyTexas A&M101941
2321Jim RinehartArkansas101949
2363Robert ReidBaylor101951
23151Anthony FrancisHouston101976
57464Kevin SmithTexas A&M91989




                           Tackle Leaders

Career Tackles (Since 1975)
311Mike SingletaryBaylor6621977-1980
411Putt ChoateSMU6491975-1978
1971Darrell PattersonTCU5441979-1982
55422Ryan McCoyHouston5071990-1993
60392Britt HagerTexas4991984-1988
86506Brad HastingsTexas Tech4801983-1986
89303Doug ShankleTexas4781978-1981
102636Gary McGuireHouston4721984-1987
139476Gary MotenSMU4551979-1982
1397610Johnny HollandTexas A&M4551983-1986
Season Tackles (Since 1975)
111Putt ChoateSMU2531978
222Mike SingletaryBaylor2321978
27182Robert WilliamsonRice1961980
30251Britt HagerTexas1951988
48312Kyle CliftonTCU1891983
52263Mike SingletaryBaylor1881979
60483Britt HagerTexas1871987
64126Putt ChoateSMU1861977
94484Darrell PattersonTCU1791980
116168Lionel JohnsonTexas1751976




                            Sack Leaders

Career Sacks (Since 1980)
1172Aaron WallaceTexas A&M421986-1989
1311Kiki DeAyalaTexas40.51980-1982
2492John RoperTexas A&M361985-1988
7174Tony DegrateTexas311981-1984
89103T.J. TurnerHouston301982-1985
104375Marcus BuckleyTexas A&M291990-1992
143146Ty AllertTexas271982-1985
180386Wayne MartinArkansas25.51985-1988
190168Ray ChildressTexas A&M251981-1984
Season Sacks (Since 1980)
511Kiki DeAyalaTexas22.51982
6093Ray ChildressTexas A&M151983
60215John RoperTexas A&M151987
60222John RoperTexas A&M151988
90324Aaron WallaceTexas A&M14.51988
10044Ken McCuneTexas141980
146436Wayne MartinArkansas131988
146486Craig VeaseyHouston131989
146525William ThomasTexas A&M131990
146576Marcus BuckleyTexas A&M131991
146765Keith MitchellTexas A&M131995




                             TFL Leaders

Career Tackles for a Loss (Since 1980)
1482John RoperTexas A&M681985-1988
1862T.J. TurnerHouston661982-1985
4011Kiki DeAyalaTexas601980-1982
12833Billy Ray Smith Jr.Arkansas511980-1982
Season Tackles for a Loss (Since 1980)
411Kiki DeAyalaTexas331982
25103John Roper**Texas A&M281987
53222John Roper**Texas A&M261988
83114Ray Childress**Texas A&M24.51983
125194T.J. TurnerHouston231984
125365Aaron Wallace**Texas A&M231988


All ranks are national ranks and may be based on stats accumulated in another conference in addition to the listed conference

*REC = the player's rank upon graduation 

^RTC = the player's rank in his graduating class

*RES = the player's rank at the end of the season

^RTS = the player's rank for that season 

* indicates that that player's stat is not official as his school included bowl games prior to 2002 when those games became official statistics. Therefore, his record is approximated by subtracting his per game average for each bowl in which he participated.

** indicates that the player's record is approximated based on statistics available, as the actual number is unknown. 



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National leaders are updated weekly. Conference and school leaders are updated yearly.

This site has the most comprehensive list of all-time college football individual statistical leaders online. Every stat on this site is based on the NCAA official rules, not the school or conference rules (no bowl games prior to 2002). Defensive stats, not including interceptions, did not become official until 2000. That is why you will see two lists; one is the official one since 2000, the other is more inclusive with the start date based on when most schools began reporting defensive stats.

Some defensive stats are marked with a single asterisk (*). This means that bowl games were included in the statistics reported by the school, therefore, the player's per game average has been subtracted for each bowl game played.

Other defensive stats are marked with two asterisks (**). This means the value is only approximated, based on the statistics that could be found.