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2012 National Championship Diary

Posted on January 8, 2013 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well this diary only covers the 1st half, as the game was over then.

Pregame thoughts- I like the use of the word hiney by Pollack and Barrett Jones is the guy on the team that nobody wants to play in Words with Friends.

8:00- Have to make sure to put in a plug for the city of Miami- the most American of cities.

8:09- Wish that Brady HOke could have been the guest coach at the game having played both teams. I bet I can guess who he would rather play again.

8:21- Notre Dame also trails in bowl wins by a lot because they lost 9 in a row.

8:22- Chance Warmack needs to pull his shirt down, this program is rated TV G.

8:29- Did OSU really beat Miami for the 2002 title?

8:30-Kickoff, times will now be given based on the game clock.

1st Quarter

14:50 – ND looked good on the first run of the game.

14:10- Wide open receiver off PA

13:39- 10 yard run up the middle plus a facemask. Bama gets to the ND 30 without any difficulty. Time to see if ND can still dominate in the redzone. And an offsides penalty.

12:03- Alabama 7 – Notre Dame 0. Easy TD run by Lacy. That was about the worst start that Notre Dame could have asked for. Time to start praying.

11:21- Big 3rd down for the Irish. Can’t go 3 and out here.

11:14- ND is getting time to throw and having opportunities by the sideline on what looks like a good catch by Eifert who is a tough matchup for a corner 1 on 1. Can’t believe it wasn’t reviewed.

11:03- Well a bad kick catch interference call keeps the ball with Bama and ND has 35 yards of penalties in 4 minutes.

9:47- 3 & 1 very easy for Alabama on a run between the tackles.

9:14- Another open receiver for Alabama off Play Action, but its not converted.

8:49- Lacy is #2 in the SEC in rushing yards, Number 1?... Johnny Manziel.

6:50- Alabma already over 100 yards.

6:39- Another easy first down on 3rd and 1 up the middle.

6:14- ND is burned on play action once again. Alabma 14-0.

5:10- ND first attempt to run up the middle is stuffed.

4:31- Alabama getting the ball back. 21-0 at the end of the first?

4:22- Brent creeping on the crowd again with McCarron’s girlfriend. Reminds me of Brady Quinn’s sister/ A.J. Hawk’s girlfriend in the Fiesta Bowl in 2006.

3:34- Another big pass for Bama. Maybe we can just watch McCarron’s girlfriend instead of the game.

2:30- ND actually stuffs a run.

0:30- On the bright side, ND beat Cincinnati in basketball.

0:00- I want to go to Monster’s University

2nd Quarter

14:56- 21-0 Alabama, 2nd time the camera has gone to McCarron’s girlfriend. His girlfriend 2 – Notre Dame 0, make it 3-0. And more comments by the announcers.

14:51- Finally a good play for Notre Dame.

14:22- Notre Dame is not going to run well in this game. They couldn’t run against a terrible Purdue defense.

13:20- Well this is headed to be a repeat of the 2004 title game between Oklahoma and USC.

11:48- And Alabama will punt!

10:39- Alabama will not be run on two plays in a row. And Clinton-Dix is one of my favorite names in college football- the only one to cause a presidential impeachment.

8:56- Lacy just broke Motta’s ankles

7:15- McCarron has all the time he wants to throw. I wish this game were Alabama vs. Oregon.

6:52- Notre Dame catches a punt backtracking at the three and is tackled immediately.

4:18- Well this has been a great game.

1:37- How did Notre Dame not bring Yeldon down to force 4th down.

Halftime- Alabama 28, Notre Dame 0. Game Over



Week 14 (Championship Week) Predictions

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Pac 12: #16 UCLA 24 @ #8 Stanford 28

Yes, UCLA preformed much worse than this at home against Stanford last week, but as I mentioned last week, I think that it was in UCLA's best interest to lose that game. This time the Bruins get closer, but fall on the road.

MAC: #21 Northern Illinois 35 vs. #17 Kent State 31

In a game that could send the winner to the conference's first BCS game with both coaches potentially leaving after the year, Northern Illinois behind QB Jordan Lynch takes the win. If Kent State wins, the Flashes are all but assured of going to the BCS, N Illinois could be in or out with a win.

SEC: #3 Georgia 17 vs. #2 Alabama 27

Winner goes to Miami to play Notre Dame for the national title. Before the season began, I had Georgia (with 1 loss) upset an undefeated Alabama and head to the title game. However, I never felt that Georgia was better than Bama and the sad loss to South Carolina remains in my head. I can't take Georgia.

#18 Texas 24 @ #6 Kansas State 41

I feel bad for Kansas State. They lose to A&M in the Big 12 title game in '98 to end a chance at a national championship (and a BCS bid) and this year to Baylor. Snyder is one of my favorite coaches of all time and I like the Wildcats to take down Texas and win the Big 12.

Big Ten: Wisconsin 21 vs. #12 Nebraska 30

In what may be the only Big Ten championship game to ever feature an unranked team, I hope for the sake of the conference and Rose Bowl, that Nebraska wins. I think they will though. The Huskers are on a roll since the D didn't make the trip to Columbus and they will come out on top.

ACC: Georgia Tech 20 vs. #13 Florida State 42

Similar to the Big Ten game, I hope for the sake of the ACC and the BCS that Georgia Tech loses. A team that lost by 21 to Middle Tennessee should not be in a BCS bowl and Florida State will take care of that issue.

C-USA: UCF 24 vs. Tulsa 21

I take a score similar to the one from the previous matchup in Tulsa this season. UCF fell by 2 on the road and I like the Knights full body of work more than Tulsa's.

Week 13 Predictions

Posted on November 22, 2012 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

2-1 last week, 23-15 this year

#4 Florida 17 @ #10 Florida State 20

I don't like Florida's offense much and the Gators have played less than impressive football the past few weeks. Florida State should be able to keep hopes for a national championship alive with a win at home.

#5 Oregon 35 @ #15 Oregon State 21

Oregon rebounds after the tough loss last week against Stanford and wins with superior talent, although Oregon State is still a quality team. The Ducks can still go to the title game but need some help from UCLA as without winning the Pac 12, Oregon will not be invited to the national championship.

#8 Stanford 28 @ #17 UCLA 20

This is a tough one to predict. UCLA has locked up the south division and has a say in who it will play next week in the Pac 12 championship. If UCLA wins, they will likely play Oregon. If UCLA loses they play Oregon. If I'm UCLA, I try to lose so I can get a good look at Stanford without showing the Cardinal anything on my side.

#12 South Carolina 27 @ #11 Clemson 35

I think that without Lattimore South Carolina doesn't have the offense to get the win at Clemson. Were Clemson in the division opposite Florida State a win could keep Clemson with an outside shot at the national title game.

#21 Oklahoma State 31 @ #13 Oklahoma 34

I like the way Oklahoma State has played lately. Oklahoma.. not so much. However, Oklahoma is not going to allow three schools to leave Norman with a win in one season.

#19 Michigan 28 @ #4 (AP) Ohio State 24

I don't think that Ohio State is anywhere near the 4th best team in the country and Michigan will be able to pull off the upset and ruin Ohio State's perfect season.

Upset: None, best chance is USC over #1 Notre Dame

Indiana 28 @ Purdue 31 

Indiana fails to convert the final drive into 3 points and Purdue heads to a bowl for the second straight year. Hopefully that's not enought to save Danny Hope's job.

Week 12 Predictions

Posted on November 16, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

1-2 last week. 21-14 this year.

#13 Stanford 24 @ #2 Oregon 37

The way Oregon is playing this year, I don't see anyone outside of the SEC being able to beat them. The offense is outstanding as always and Stanford doesn't have the offense to keep up.

#18 USC 34 @ #17 UCLA 37

At this point, I have really lost faith in the Trojans after picking them to win the championship at the start of the season. I think this will be a high scorer and UCLA will use the home field advantage to get back to the Pac 12 title game.

#23 Texas Tech 24 @ #24 Oklahoma State 34

Texas Tech has not played well the last few weeks and I think that will continue with a loss in Stillwater.

Upset: With many top 10 teams playing a week one slate this week, finding an upset is difficult. Utah State 42 @ #20 Louisiana Tech 41. The Aggies are coming off a bye and Louisiana Tech couldn't stop Texas State last week.

Purdue 31 @ Illinois 20

Purdue, besides the 3 fumbles, played well at Iowa City last week and right now I would only pick Illinois over Colorado in terms of big conference teams. If Nord is unable to call plays for Purdue the offense should play well, just like last week, but if Nord coaches this could become a loss.

Week 11 Predictions

Posted on November 9, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

4-1 last week, 24-13 this year

#15 Texas A&M 17 @ #1 Alabama 31

I don't think the Texas A&M defense can keep the Tide under 20 and no one scores over 20 against Alabama.

#21 Mississippi State 14 @ #7 LSU 30

Mississippi State has no quality win this season and a win at night in Death Valley isn't going to be the Bulldogs' first.

#11 Oregon State 20 @ #14 Stanford 17

This game features 2 teams that I have put on upset watch multiple times this year. These two teams also can't win in Seattle, as they both lost to Washington this year. In the end, I like the Beavers to get it done and get to the Civil War with a spot in the Pac-12 championship on the line.

Upset: Well, everyone will agree that if Klein doesn't play on Saturday K-state will be in serious trouble. Lousville could struggle at Syracuse, just because every undefeated Big East team has to get upset. Penn State 31 @ #16 Nebraska 28. Not much of an upset, but I don't see anything else, although Iowa State could shock Texas.

Purdue 14 @ Iowa 20

These teams both suck and with a loss, only two more games will remain until Hope and Nord are gone, as a bowl will no longer be possible.

Week 10 Predictions

Posted on November 1, 2012 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

A 2-2 week last week makes me 20-12 this year. It's been a tough one.

#1 Alabama 21 @ #5 LSU 10

Right now I believe the only team capable of beating Alabama is Oregon (sorry Kansas State and Notre Dame). LSU doesn't have any pass offense and Bama will stuff the run. Alabama has a good, balanced offense that will take care of business in Death Valley.

#24 Oklahoma State 20 @ #2 Kansas State 42

After the blowout win last week, I don't see Kansas State losing this year, at least in the regular season. Will that be enough the reach the title game is another question. The Wildcats get it done the way they have been the last two years; few penalties and few mistakes.

#4 Oregon 45 @ #17 USC 31

USC has not played the caliber of football anyone in America expected at the beginning of the year. The Ducks will get revenge for last year and unfortunately for Oregon, USC is not undefeated right now as Oregon needs the bump in computer rankings, but at least this way it should be an easier win.

#16 Texas A&M 27 @ #15 Mississippi State 17

I can't believe Mississippi State is ranked #15. They have no quality win. I think A&M can win this one on the road fairly handedly. 

#23 Texas 24 @ #17 Texas Tech 40

After a pathetic performanc agianst Kansas last week, I am not going to take the Longhorns this week. Tech has had a decent defense and with Texas' struggle scoring against Kansas, I think Texas Tech wins.

Upset: Arizona State 24 @ #11 Oregon State 21. Could the Sun Devils end up in the Pac-12 title game?

Penn State 21 @ Purdue 28, or Penn State 45 @ Purdue 17

I have absolutely no clue what to expect out of Purdue this week. After blowing a game they should of won in the Shoe, the Boilers go to Minnesota and find themselves down 44-7. Marve will be starting at QB, 7 weeks too late. The team always plays with more energy with him on the field and that alone may be enough for the win. Purdue has shown the ability to play with two undefeated top 5 teams on the road, so the talent is there. I'm gonna be bold and pick the Purdue win.

Week 9 Predictions

Posted on October 25, 2012 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (2)

3-1 again last week, 18-10 on the year. Also, 2-6 on upset picks thanks to Toledo


#11 MIssissippi State 10 @ #1 Alabama 38

A quick glance at the Bulldogs schedule should be enough to remove all doubt going into this game. The best win is a 10 point home victory over Tennessee. That is nothing compared to the way the TIde dominated in Knoxville. This one should not be close.


#10 Georgia 17 vs #2 Florida 24 

Georgia has not looked like a top ten team their last 3 games. 7 point home win vs. Tennessee, blowout loss @ South Carolina and a 5 point victory in Lexington. If Georgia plays like it did in those 3 games, the game in Jacksonville should be similar to the South Carolina loss. Florida is also coming of a huge win over S. Carolina and has beat A&M and LSU this year. The winner will likely take the SEC East crown and while I expect more from the Bulldogs, they will come up short.


#14 Texas Tech 21 @ #3 Kansas State 28

This won't be the shootout that the Big 12 has grown accustomed to, as these are perhaps to top two defenses in the league. Kansas State pulls out the victory in the typical BIll Snyder way; making one less mistake than Tech and winning behind Klein's 3 rushing TD's. With the success of Snyder, Purdue needs to convince Tiller to come back.


#5 Notre Dame 17 @ #8 Oklahoma 30

Notre Dame's dream of a national championship ends in Norman. The Irish can't score and Oklahoma doesn't have a Texas/Baylor/West Virginia defense and will be able to hold the Irish to less than 20 points. Also, Oklahoma's offense right now is the best offense that Notre Dame has faced and will be able to put up the points needed to win.


Ohio State 35 @ Penn State 32

Battle of the Bowl Ban, goes to the Buckeyes.


Upset: Colorado over Oregon... if Colorado comes within 50 does it count as an upset? Kent State over Rutgers, could the second undefeated Big East team be upset by a MAC team? I'll take Cincinnati to bounce back and beat Louisville on Friday night, Cincinnati 31 @ #16 Louisville 28


Purdue 21 @ Minnesota 13

Minnesota has scored 13 in all 3 Big Ten games so I am simply playing the odds with this guess. I think Purdue is a better team and as long as the Boilers have fully regrouped from the 0-3 start, they will leave Minneapolis with the win.

Week 8 Predictions

Posted on October 18, 2012 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

3-1 last week to move to 15-9 this year. Going with the road team in all 4 games this week.

#7 South Carolina 20 @ #2 Florida 17

After last weeks loss in Death Valley I still can't get the performance against Georgia out of my mind. It is nearly impossible to go into Baton Rouge and win and even though the Swamp holds its own as one of the most difficult places to play, I don't think Florida's offense is good enough for the win.

#4 Kansas State 38 @ #13 West Virginia 30

West Virgina loses with defense. I don't like picking teams to win that have no chance at holding the other team under 30 points. West Virginia's offense is capable of scoring enough to win, but i never like the odds of scoring 40 points no matter who is playing.

#6 LSU 27 @ #18 Texas A&M 17

The Aggies offense has put up points at times, but also struggled against top defenses (Florida). I like the LSU defense to hold A&M in check and LSU to score a decent amount to take the win in College Station.

#17 Texas Tech 27 @ #23 TCU 20

Texas Tech looked really good last week against West Virginia and I still worry about TCU's offense without Pachall, because putting up points against Baylor doesn't mean a thing. Tech's defense handles the Frogs for the win. 

Upset: #20 Stanford could fall at Cal, #24 Iowa State will lose at Oklahoma State (but that isn't an upset). #21 Cincinnati 30 @ Toledo 35. Toledo's onlyloss was by 7 at Arizona.

Purdue 17 @ #7 Ohio State 35

Hopefully this game goes 1 of 2 ways. Purdue wins or loses by 50. I don't think a single Purdue fan would be angry if Hope gets fired after the last 2 weeks.

Week 7 Predictions

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

After 3-3 last week, I am 12-8 on the season. Last year at this time I was 15-5.

#3 South Carolina 24 @ #9 LSU 14

South Carolina is playing as well as anybody in the country right now, possibly better. LSU struggles to put up points and Georgia couldn't do anything against the South Carolina defense. Even though it will be night in Baton Rouge, I'm giving this one to the Gamecocks.

#17 Stanford 9 @ #7 Notre Dame 20

For the first time in my life, I believe Notre Dame is actually a BCS bowl caliber team. The defense is tremendous, although the offense has struggled at times. I would love for Purdue to score the most points on the Irish all season and I don't think the Big Ten is as bad as everyone believes. I have also picked Stanford for my upset the last two weeks and do not think Stanford is a top 25 team, despite the win over USC.

#15 Texas 31 v. #13 Oklahoma 34

I am very undecided on this game. I thought the Texas defense could do a little better against West Virginia and that performance and Oklahoma's bounce back performance against Texas Tech last week make me lean towards the Sooners is Dallas.

#22 Texas A&M 40 @ #23 Louisiana Tech 31

In what is technically a home game for La Tech in Shreveport, I really want to pick the Bulldogs. However, A&M seems to be a solid SEC team and I can't pick a respectable SEC team to lose to a small conference team.

Upset: Mississippi State should face a tough challenge from Tennessee. The Bulldogs haven't played many difficult games and the Vols could upset. Going with #10 Oregon State 13 @ BYU 16. The game is in Provo and Mannion is out.

Wisconsin 27 @ Purdue 20 

In the game that will determine who goes to Indy to lose the Big Ten title game, Wisconsin wins from the sideline. I think Purdue has the talent to win the game, but the coaches won't let that talent take the field (Marve) and suck at coaching and calling plays. Over/Under 15 WR screens?

Week 6 Predictions

Posted on October 4, 2012 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

After a perfect week last week, I have moved to 9-5 on top 25 this season, 1 for 5 on the upset picks and perfect in Purdue's four games, but this is a big week ahead.

#23 Washington 20 @ #2 Oregon 42

Washington got embarrassed by LSU earlier this year giving up 41 to a poor offense. The Huskies rebounded nicely for a victory over Stanford last week, but Oregon is a better football team than both Stanford and LSU. Playing in Eugene, the Ducks shouldn't have too much difficulty.

#4 LSU 20 @ #10 Florida 23

LSU hasn't looked like a top 10 team the past couple of weeks since the blowout win against Washington. If Towson can give LSU trouble, Florida should be able to win. The game is at The Swamp giving the Gators an edge, also Florida has navigated through 3 SEC games already. LSU doesn't have the offense to win a game vs. a top 10 SEC team on the road.

#5 Georgia 31 @ #6 South Carolina 27

I'm predicting a much higher score then I would have if I picked this game at the beginning of the season. I thought Georgia could reach the title game prior to the season and nothing I have seen so far this season has changed my mind, at least up to a contest with Alabama. South Carolina is a great team possibly a top 5 team nationally, but at the same team maybe the fourth or fifth best team in their conference. If only the could move to the Big Ten.

#8 West Virginia 38 @ #11 Texas 42

13 of the top 40 seasons all-time in terms of total passing yards have been achieved by a player from an AQ team in the last 5 years. Of those 13, 10 were from the Big 12, the exceptions being Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, and Geno Smith. Weeden, Jones, Griffin, and Doege all would have set the Big Ten season record last year. At some point passing numbers put up by Big 12 QB's have to be taken lightly. In another no defense Big 12 game, Texas wins because its defense is slightly better than that of West Virginia. 

#21 Nebraska 30 @ #12 Ohio State 24

Ohio State has seemed suspect in a few games already this year and has had some close calls. Nebraska will play like the team on the field in the second half against Wisconsin. Martinez will limit his turnovers and Miller will be contained enough by the Nebraska D to give the Huskers a great start in their path to Indy.

#17 Oklahoma 40 @ #24 (coaches) Texas Tech 27

Texas Tech has the #1 defense in the nation right now. With a schedule consisting of Northwestern State, Texas State, New Mexico, and Iowa State, that is quite an accomplishment. I don't believe that the defense is anything to fear and a struggling Jones will be able to improve his play and lead the Sooners to revenge in Lubbock.

Upset: Not a lot of choices with the number of games involving two top 10 teams. I'm going with the same pick as last week, only this time Stanford falls at home. Arizona 27 @ #18 Stanford 24

Michigan 24 @ Purdue 28

It's not often a team is 0-0 and in sole possession of first place among eligible teams, but that is where Purdue is right now. Purdue can pull out a great win to start Big Ten play at home on Saturday. Michigan has had a bye week to regroup and recover after a dreadful offensive performance in South Bend. Robinson has been awful so far this year, and while he doesn't play like he did against ND, he still gives away the ball 2 times and that is enough to give Purdue a win and the continued lead in the division.