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2010 Recap

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My Post Season Awards

Heisman: Newton

QB: Newton

RB: James

WR: Jeffery

TE: Williams

OL: Carimi

DE: Kerrigan

DT: Fairley

LB: Miller

CB: Peterson

S: Carter

K: Henery

P: Henry


Conference POY

ACC: Taylor

Big East: Todman

Big Ten: Robinson

Big 12: Blackmon

Pac 10: James

SEC: Newton

CUSA: Aldrick Robinson

MAC: Spann

MWC: Dalton

Sun: Lance Dunbar

WAC: Moore



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New Mexico: BYU over UTEP

Humanitarian: N Ill over Fresno

New Orleans: Troy over Ohio

St Petersburg: So Miss over Louisville

Las Vegas: Boise St. 35 Utah 20

Poinsettia: Navy over SDSU

Hawaii: Hawaii over Tulsa

Little Caesars: Toledo over Fla Int

Independence: Air Force over Ga Tech

Champ Sports: WV over NC St.

Insight: Missouri over Iowa

Military: Maryland over ECU

Texas: Illinois over Baylor

Alamo: Ok St. over Arizona

Armed Forces: SMU over Army

Pinstripe: Syracuse over Kansas St.

Music City: UNC over Tenn

Holiday: Nebraska over Washington

Meineke Car Care: Clemson over USF

Sun: Miami over ND

Liberty: UGA over UCF

Chick-fil-A: S Car 37 Florida St. 28

TicketCity: Texas Tech over NW

Outback: Penn St. over Florida

Capital One: Alabama 30 Michigan St. 13

Gator: Miss St. over Michigan

Rose: TCU 28 Wisconsin 24

Fiesta: Oklahoma over UConn

Orange: Va Tech 27 Stanford 23

Sugar: Ohio St. 31 Arkansas 24

GoDaddy.com: Miami (Oh) over Mid Tenn

Cotton: A&M 20 LSU 17

Compass: Pitt over Kentucky

Fight Hunger: Nevada over BC

National Championship:

     This game isn't a fifty point shootout as some expect it to be. Both teams run the ball well and even with the fast pace offenses, the game doesn't get too out of hand. Both teams have over a month to prepare and the defenses should know what to expect. The key is what defense can step up to the challenge and what defensive players stand out. Fairley will be huge for Auburn as he is an all-america and a difference maker. For the Ducks, who can step up and stop Newton? Someone will have to. When all is said and done on Jan. 10, Auburn (30-24) will be the 2010 champion. Will they still be in 2013?

Week 14

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SEC: South Carolina 35 Auburn 30

    USC's big three come through offensively and put up enough points to defeat Newton (who shouldn't be allowed to play). The game was close earlier this year in Auburn, but SC wins in its first SEC Championship appearance.


Big 12: Oklahoma 27 Nebraska 20

    I like Oklahoma even with Murray's injury situation. Broyles and Jones is a great duo. Nebraska and Martinez looked much better at the beginning of the season. Oklahoma is able to spoil Nebraska's going away party.


ACC: Va Tech 30 FSU 20

    I have been a big fan of VT this year. From the beginning of ACC play i expected them to run the table. I think Taylor has grown a ton as a QB and he will leave the Hokies as a true QB (not an athlete). VT wins pretty easily and heads to another BCS game.


Other: Oregon 45 Or St. 27

    This may be the last game for the Rodgersbrothers  (James certainly) in Corvallis, but they come up short and are unable to end their rivals dream season.  This game arguably provides the matchup between the two best RB in the NCAA, and both or NFL eligible.


Uconn 27 USF 23

   Toddman gets it done in Tampa and UConn behind Frazer play well offensively and are able to hold down Daniels for the school's first BCS game. Everyone knows they don't deserve it though. At least TCU will be joining.

Week 13

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Game of the Week: Alabama 38 Auburn 30

    Auburn falters at Alabama. Bryant-Denny comes alive and helps the Tide roll. Auburn hasn't really been challenged on the road and Auburn's defense is still too sketchy.


Oregon 48 Arizona 20

    Oregon at home is a great football team. Arizona looked bad last week and Oregon is a vey good team and comes out firing. Not even close.


Boise St. 42 Nevada 24

    Boise St. is a football team worthy of a national title chance. They are pumped for their biggest game since September and play even better than they have been.


Arkansas 34 LSU 30

    LSU and the Tiger D, did not impress last week against Ole Miss and I think Arkansas, a team having success lately against LSU, at home gets the job done.


Oklahoma St. 35 Oklahoma 28

   Weeden, Hunter, and Blackmon may be the best trio in college football. This will be one of the biggest games in Cowboy history and Oklahoma St, in Stillwater, comes through.


Top 10: Penn St. 21 Michigan St. 16

    Paterno wins the home finale this year, and who knows which one will be his last. Michigan St. is not that good and Penn State upsets the Spartans.


Top 25: Maryland 21 NCSt. 17

    Been going against the Wolfpack all year and I have been correct twice. Let's go again.


Purdue 38 Indiana 21

    Indiana sucks. 2-21 in the last three years and Purdue has one 11 of the last 13. Big rivalry within the state of Indiana. Even if Purdue is not able to make a bowl game, this game still matters. Let's hope for better next year.

Week 12

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Game of the Week:  Ohio St. 28 Iowa 17

    Ohio St. is too talented and looks like they will be headed to a shared big 10 title and another BCS game is possible


Nebraska 42 A&M 31

   Although playing at home gives the Aggies an advantage, Nebraska still comes out on top as the Aggie D can't hold back Nebraska's offense


Arkansas 30 Miss St. 14

    Look back to last week. I don't think Miss St. is good, and their offense certainly isn't. Not a very close game.


Virginia Tech 24 Miami 13

    I have said for a while I don't think Va Tech is losing an ACC game and they continue the streak this week, heading to a championship and a BCS game. Good for Boise


Top 10 upset: California 20 Stanford 17

   Cal has been real good at home this year and played great against Oregon whereas Stanford did not play so well against AZ St. Cal wins this rivalry game


Top 25 upset: San Diego St. 35 Utah 27

    That's how well Utah has looked the past two weeks


Michigan St. 27 Purdue 13

    Purdue's offense still sucks. Ryan Kerrigan needs 1 forced fumble to have the FBS career record to himself

Week 11

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Game of the Week: South Carolina 28 Florida 21

   Jeffrey and Lattimore. Got to go with them. Spurrier goes into the swamp and takes with him his first SEC East Championship at USC


Missouri 38 Kansas St. 30

   Missouri takes this game at home even with their performance the last few weeks. Kansas St., even after the beatdown of texas, fails to win in Columbia.


Alabama 34 Mississippi St 17

   I still don't think Miss St. is for real, if only they paid 100,000 more, they may be number 2 right now.


Top 10 upset: Georgia 42 Auburn 38

   Cam Newton loses his first of 10 to come, those first ten games will probably be forfeited in time. Hopefully Georgia can win so we don't have in ineligible team in the title game.


Top 25 upset: USC 31 Arizona 21

  Arizona looked bad last week and I think they drop one to the Trojans


Purdue 35 Michigan 30

  Purdue needs this one, and IU, to get to 6 wins. They have been good at stopping the run this year and I think Robinson is held in check enough for a Purdue victory.

Week 10

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This week I have decided to pick the top 25 team i think is most likely to lose to an unranked team, along with a top 10 unless i think the top 10 actually has the best chance to lose out of all top 10 teams.


Game of the Week: TCU 31 Utah 27

   TCU goes into Salt Lake City and walks away with 0 losses, but it will a real test for the Frogs. The experience and winning tradition of the TCU roster lives on and they get a huge BCS boost which will seperate them more from Boise in the computers. I still pick Boise in a game against TCU and i think the Fiesta Bowl should count as to who gets in above the other.


Alabama 23 LSU 14

   I still don't believe in LSU's ability to put points on the board and they lose at home to the Crimson Tide. The Tide continue to roll towards Auburn in a game that could determine one of the two title game contenders.


Stanford 30 Arizona 20

   If Foles is able to play and only if he is 100% would I consider going with the Wildcats on Saturday. They also must go to Stanford in this contest. However, if they win, they could play Oregon later this year for a trip to the championship.


Oklahoma St 38 Baylor 30

   Baylor surpirsed me with a win in Austin last week, although Texas is in the dumps right now, it is still impressive for Baylor. 7 wins, ranked, but Blackmon is back. He goes for 200+ and the Bears don't have enough to come out of Stillwater with a win. (if they do, this is really a season for the ages in Waco).


South Carolina 30 Arkansas 24

   I really don't know which way to go with this one. Both teams have had good games and both teams would be BCS teams if playing in another conference. Imagine Arkansas in the Big East, can anyone say undefeated. But, I have to go with the home team in this game. Lattimore, Jeffrey, Garcia = Gamecock win.


Top 25 upset: Clemson 24 NC St. 17

   I picked NC st. to lose their other ranked game and they did. I am not sold on them, let's do it again.


Top 10 upset: Iowa St. 24 Nebraska 20

   Nebraska is coming off a  big win and thinks the Big 12 North is theirs. The Huskers play as they did against Texas and fall in Ames. (note: i don't think Nebraska will actually lose)


Wisconsin 37 Purdue 7

   Henry probably won't play. Sean Robinson threw 25 passes his sr. year in HS for a team that went to the state championship (2 attempts/game). He was recruited by Zook at Illinois, but wanted to play QB so he went to Purdue. I know he is a true Fr., but he is the worst QB i have ever seen play college football. How can Purdue win?

(note: Purdue lost Fr. WR OJ Ross for the year last week and here is their injuries to position players this year.

QB: Marve (8 games), Henry (2), TerBush(academically inelgible), Siller (4, he could play QB as he did in 2008

RB: Bolden (12), Dierking (2), Carlos (3), McBurse (3), Crank (to miss Sat.)

WR: Smith (10), Siller (4), Ross (5), C. Smith (left Ill. game)


Week 9

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Week 9


Game of the Week:  Nebraska 38 Missouri 28

   Not the way for Missouri to respond after the big win at home against Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the Nebraska game is more important as it will determine the Big 12 North winner. The crowd and Martinez are too much and Gabbert cannot put up enough points


Iowa 24 Michigan St. 23

   After both playing thrillers last week, it comes down to the wire again. There may be another fake punt/FG, but Iowa wins it by one point moving their record to 1-1 in the first two of the big three games in Iowa City.


Illinois 24 Purdue 16

   Rob Henry is injured and may not be able to play. If that's the case (4th string before TerBush was off the team) true Fr. Sean Robinson will be making his first start. Either way, the Boiler offense will struggle.


Upset: Texas 30 Baylor 20

    #25 Baylor is the only ranked team I think will lose to an unranked team this week.

Top 25

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My prediction for the BCS Top 25 at the end of the regular season.

1. Oregon             12-0 (8-0)

2. Boise St.           12-0 (8-0)

3. TCU                  12-0 (8-0)

4. Wisconsin          11-1 (7-1)

5. Ohio St.            11-1 (7-1)

6. Auburn              12-1 (8-1)

7. Nebraska          12-1 (8-1)

8. Virginia Tech      11-2 (9-0)

9. Missouri            11-1 (7-1)

10. Michigan St.    11-1 (7-1)

11. Alabama         10-2 (6-2)

12. Oklahoma       11-2 (7-2)

13. Utah               11-1 (7-1)

14. Stanford         10-2 (7-2)

15. Florida St.       11-2 (8-1)

16. LSU                10-2 (6-2)

17. Arkansas         9-3 (5-3)

18. Pittsburgh        9-3 (7-0)

19. Arizona           9-3 (6-3)

20. Iowa               9-3 (6-2)

21. S. Carolina      10-3 (6-3)

22. Miami              9-3 (6-2)

23. Oklahoma St.  9-3 (5-3)

24. Kansas St.       9-3 (5-3)

25. West Virginia    9-3 (5-2)


Week 8

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Game of the Week: Auburn 30 LSU 20

   Although Auburn's defense has looked awful this year, so has LSU's offense. Auburn's offense has looked good, but so has LSU's defense. Cam Newton takes over the heisman race with an impressive victory and Auburn emerges victorious.


Oklahoma 35 Missouri 24

   Oklahoma has stepped up once this year (FSU) and I think they play like they did in that game. Missouri isn't a bad team and fights for a while before falling.


Iowa 24 Wisconsin 17

   Iowa and Wisconsin play similar football. Aside from the OSU game, Iowa has been playing that kind of football better. At home, the Hawkeyes win.


Oklahoma St. 27 Nebraska 24

   Oklahoma St. shows that they are for real this year and Nebraska's farewell tour isn't going so well. Taylor Martinez is held in check again, and Oklahoma St. offense is as good as any (except for Cam Newton's). Oklahoma St. wins with a td in the final three minutes.


Ohio St. 28 Purdue 13

   Ryan Kerrigan and the Purdue defense play well, but not as well as last year. Rob Henry plays his first road game with over 40,000 fans and the Buckeyes defense and crowd dominate the Boilers offense.


Upset: Washington 30 Arizona 27

   Washington wins another close one. Locker plays well and delivers in the clutch. Without Foles, Arizona can't win this game. Also #22 Kansas St. v Baylor has upset potential (if you consider it an upset).