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Basketball Home Court Advantage

The attached file contains basketball records at home and on the road. The records are only conference records since 2006-07. Each team has a home win%, road win %, overall win % calculated. I then caculated the difference in home and road win percentage. From that i took the difference in home and road win percentage and divided it by each teams possible difference (making the max score 1) and sorted by that value. For example Colorado has a home % of .531 and a road % of .122 so their difference is .408. Then there possible difference is only .531 since that is the best they could have based on their number of home wins and Colorado's score was .769. This is then averaged with the home to road percent difference.

The first sheet has the teams by conference, the second lists all the teams which filters for each column, and the third lists which conference has the best home court advantage.

Click Here for the file. Be patient it takes 20-30 seconds to download. (updated April 6, 2012)