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The two stat sets are since 1975 or 1980 (as by this year most schools began recording tackles, sacks, tfls) and since 2000 (as the NCAA began including non-interception defensive stats in the official records). Also, players marked with an asterisk (*) are marked as such because their school included bowl game stats prior to 2002 (when bowl stats became official) and therefore the player's per game average has been subtracted for each bowl game in which the player participated. Some schools don't list TFL's so some players' stats are approximated and marked with double asterisks (**). Enough information exists since 2000 to remove bowls and record TFL's so these lists (the NCAA official ones) should be accurate.


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Career (Since 2000)    Season (Since 2000)

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Career (Since 2000)    Season (Since 2000)